Sun Dances, Daylight Saving and Plan B!

Finally my sun dance has paid off, it’s become warmer and the ground has dried out everywhere. With the clocks going forward to give us longer evenings, everything seems a lot easier. However the clocks going forward did give me a very early morning at the weekend! My friend, Laura, and I were of to BD combined training and we needed to leave at 6.45am, to get there in time for our dressage. I set the alarm on my phone but I wasn’t sure if the phone would update itself overnight so I put it forward an hour. When the alarm went off I got up and got dressed and started to head out when my husband said “your going really early it’s only 4am!” I got back into bed fully dressed cursing my phone for updating itself so I was now two hours ahead! 

We arrived and Laura was up first, Blue really enjoyed having a friend on the lorry for a change and fell in love with Laura’s little New Forest gelding Billy,  Laura did a great clear round and a good test for a 4th place. I got Blue ready for the next class, she warmed up really well, she did a great test and was completely on side with me. I think she really liked the lovely surface as opposed to the wet muddy tracks of late. After a quick change of tack we shot round the Show Jumping with a clear and won the class with a score of 77%, I’d gladly take that as my score at Badminton, but I have a feeling it won’t be quite so good! 

Show Jumping in Combined Training. 

After Tweseldown’s muddy conditions and desperately in need off a run, I diverted to a BE90 on the Saturday at Howick. Friday turned out to be quite a busy and stressful type of a day, I had got the lorry ready earlier on in the week but the boys both had half days at school, to break up for Easter, I had a lesson at 1pm, then my eldest son Tristan needed to be back at school for 4.30pm to go on a school ski trip.  I also needed to get Blue Washed, stud holes cleaned and plaited when we got back. Whilst sitting on Tristan’s case trying to get the Zips done up I got a text to say they had abandoned Saturday at Howick! In between loading the suitcase and checking he had everything I pinged an email off to the Howick secretary begging for any spaces on the Sunday if they were going to run at all. The weather was lovely at home but they had had serious amounts of rain, She very kindly managed to get me a withdrawl spot. 

I woke up Saturday full of optimism that we would be getting a run Sunday, now because everything I seem to enter or head for was getting cancelled, I had entered one class of BD combined training on the Sunday at Wellington, as well, just to cover all areas. So at lunchtime I wasn’t sure what test I needed to learn! Then the dreaded text came through and Mother Nature had got the better of us again! So combined training it was again.

Next on the agenda was dressage writing at Portman on the Tuesday, I got up early and rode Blue out on the forest doing a bit of fast work. After arriving in good time, I went and found the dressage steward only to be told the judge had brought her husband and I wasn’t needed, I was quite looking forward to writing and seeing what it like from that end of the arena. So I spent a lovely afternoon watching all the proffesionals do there dressage and show jumping, caught up with friends and walked the cross country and generally had a lazy day, which was really nice for a change. 

Cross country Training 

Wednesday morning I felt I needed to go Xc training after watching everyone the day before, so I popped down the road from us to a little local Xc schooling place and popped her round some fences. We are entered at Larkhill BE this Sunday, which really won’t get abandoned! But I’m feeling a bit anxious about the whole thing really, I feel there’s been such a long build up to getting out on our first run that it probably won’t go to plan. Anyway one things for sure we are going to have a go come what may. 


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